this is an extension of a project from a concept class. i found that anthropologie has a gap between who they're marketing to and who actually frequents their store. the "anthropologie woman" is between the ages of 28-45. i disagree-- i think she's in her early-mid 20s and after a wardrobe that makes her feel like she's got things figured out. she's finishing college and starting a first job. she's establishing herself and wants a closet full of clothes that make her feel like she can do anything she sets her mind to. she doesn't necessarily fall into the 60-120k bracket that anthropologie thinks they're marketing to, but she's using her (likely) smaller salary to invest in well-made clothing that speaks to who she is as a woman. she calls anthropologie, "anthro" and i think the brand should pay attention to that. why not embrace the slightly more mod and less cumbersome nickname? i reimagined the brand with that in mind-- less neutral gray and more color. same level of refinement and imagination, but even more fun. 

the rebrand will roll out on social media first-- the anthro woman is active here. she uses instagram as a way to follow her favorite brands. each letter of anthro will be posted with teaser information to the full brand annoucement that will be simultaneously released on all other media (facebook, email newsletter, main website). 

left: wall mural that lives outside a newly reimagined store // right: new product categories will roll out with the rebrand. each new category is color coded to help internal organization

what better way to advertise than a shopping bag? trendy gals walking around with a big, bright a-- perfect. this touchpoint works to reinforce the brand internally (to those who recognize the new collateral materials) and intrigue those that don't