the first half of this project was spent doing in depth research about the brand: developing archetypes, consumer profiles, brand manifestos, positioning selections, insight developments. i determined that our main competitors were connecting with consumers with trail offers-- that made sense to us because the demographic i'm after has a bit of mistrust for solely online retailers, but feels good when they feel a brand is investing in them. i wanted to appeal to men and women (ages 18-35) who believe that the products they invest in say something about who they are as people. i did that by giving harry's a face and personality that these individuals could relate to. 

these adds would live in the subway and hopefully get a chuckle out of the readers

the target is already active on social media platforms and believes in community. i wanted to take advantage of that. harry's has something called h'university that i wanted to direct customers to-- by signing up to be a part of the greater harry's community, we'll send you a free razor. this works to connect our consumer and build trust in our product.