brynn w. casey / ocean painter

brynn is a painter based in atlanta, georgia. her principal subject matter is water-- oceans specifically. she uses abstract brush strokes to depict a real subject and her work is captivating. she wanted a logo that mimicked waves-- it was a fun challenge to create movement. her logo also needed to work as a watermark for all her paintings. she is inspired by blue and green and gray, all of which she uses in her work. 

to see more inspiration photos, click HERE

click through to view brynn's website

click through to view brynn's website

we worked on a few instagram squares to introduce her new logo, announce her new site, and let her followers know her site would be down for a day while we transitioned over to a new domain. 

business cards with multiple logo/color combinations

thank you stickers for packaging artwork

thank you post card to package orders with. also given with purchase when orders are placed in store (where her work is carried).