St. john Branding

 i visited st. john the break before this semester began and was excited to work on a project using real subject matter (insight & photos). my over arching insight was that planning a trip to st. john is kind of a pain-- but that that isn't necessarily a bad thing. a trip to st. john will be full of discovery and delight, but most likely in ways that will surprise you. 

this was a semester long project and we were required to create a pitch as the final stage. i wanted to make clear that the adventurous aspect of a trip to st. john was indeed a GOOD thing and not something to fear!


i wanted to keep up the idea of discovery and deliberately make my ads a little tough to read-- it encourages interaction hopefully and intrigues the viewer. the paper airplane is a poke at the fact that st. john doesn't have an airport. when you detach and unfold the airplane there's a map of the island on the reverse. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 4.26.52 PM.png

paper airplane map (above) / color coordinated reverse side (below)

st. john does currently have a website, but it doesn't help in planning a trip. i wanted to keep it very simple and present helpful information, but keep at the forefront that each trip to st. john will be an individual and unique experience. the instagram page will be populated with featured images from travelers who can share a moment from their st. john experience. that instagram feed also lives on the newly imagined site to keep the content fresh and updated. the 'explore' tab allows you to view some highlights (places to stay, activities, restaurants, etc.) and will be updated monthly. the 'plan your visit' tab reuses the map i designed to help you create a 'bucketlist' you'd like to accomplish during your stay. 

i wanted every interaction and touchpoint to refer back to my brand truth: discovery. it all needed to feel exciting and interactive- but unique to the viewers interests and perspective.